642 Things to Write About #1

I my post A Poorly Mouse, Mouse said he was going to change things in the blog and make it a more creative outlet, rather than the slightly dark entity it had become. One of the things that Mouse had in mind was the intriguing and challenging book 642 Things to Write about, and sharing Mouse’s journey through that book, this is the first of those entries.

Please feel free to comment with your own contributions too.

#1 What can happen in a second

  • A heart attack
  • Death
  • Stroke
  • Pain
  • Conception
  • A twinkle of the eye
  • A wink
  • A glance of affection
  • A fleeting kiss
  • A affection and loving touch
  • A raunchy stroke
  • A glimpse of the forbidden
  • A shot of tequila
  • A decision
  • Pressing send
  • A punch
  • A crashing wave
  • A quack or moo
  • The beginning of the end
  • A new beginning
  • The words I love you

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