Poetry Corner No:1

Mouse promised that he would not let this blog become a repository of that which was dark in Mouse’s soul, and that it would be somewhere to share creative output, in particular the written or spoken word. In the spirit of that came 642 things to write and now poetry corner.


Hallelujah, Hallelujah, a broken Hallelujah,

The song proclaims, I listen to the jab and cross of guilt,

I prickle, my heart starts to stab, I feel the eyes of the world piercing through me,

Alone the crowd, singing a different song, a different line.


Fear, fleeting at first, brave and daring by only few bars more,

The major isn’t lifting, I am the only on falling here,

Further away, the meaning gone, the heart gone, present in my very absence

Distant from the congregation, my conscience crucified my soul.


But I sing along, fitting in, like the traitor hoping no one sees,

No one will say anyway, but if they know, what if they know?

The secret out, Pandora’s box opened. A fraud silently exposed, imposter!

So I sing, breaking inside, wishing for the absolution I never give.


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