Poetry Corner: Ex

Ex …

You held my hand and stroked my hair,
You stood and said you would always be there.

You kissed my lips and and touched my soul,
You took my all, my love you stole.

You told me lies to put me down,
You smashed my smile to make me frown.

You gave me gifts, built my prison,
You tore me apart and gave no reason.

You touched me tenderly and I let you in
You said the words and punched me with a grin.

You took my promise, my all and all,
You kicked me and made me fall.

You made me a life of suffering and pain,
You even convinced me that I was insane.

You destroyed it all, everything I built,
You made me feel all the guilt.

You walk free your head held so very high,
You never even told me why.

You go, walk on my dear,
You wont know what it is to fear.

You will reap what you sow
You know the truth will bring you sorrow.


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