642 Things to Write About #3: Decribe a moment your were in physical pain.

642 Things to Write About #3: Decribe a moment your were in physical pain.

Today, yes today, Tuesday the 27th of September 2016, the pain comes in waves. The morphine helps, but Mouse is relctant to use it. Nothing else can ward off the balling up lying shaking.

In that moment, that is from 5 minutes to an hour, pain is not a feeling, pain is a consciousness. Mouse feels pain, sees pain, smells pain, pain intrudes and obliterates. Pain invades Mouse’s brain, Mouse gets confused, it is hard to get a thought to last. Mouse hears his speech slurring and cannot control it.

The pain it sears through Mouse’s detached body, braced tight against the ripping shear burning through Mouse’s very being, the dull thud, the burning tear, every breath tears through, every flinch searing, every thought pounding. Dr’s aske where, and Mouse point’s to where it starts, nothing happens.

Then the pain leaves, not completely, it goes to rest, seemingly exhausted from its assault. Its attack depleting its forces, or maybe it returns to gloat over its haul and plunder from its destruction. But it will return, waiting for something to be rebuilt, something to rip asunder, something to destroy.


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