The Daily Post: Daily Prompt – Disagree

The Daily Post: Daily Prompt – Disagree


I disagree with Clinton and I disagree with Trump,
Just like I disagree with a particularly smelly pump.
I disagree with hurt and I disagree with pain,
I very much disagree with this filthy smelly train.
I disagree with politics, lies and bluster,
I disagree with all the energy I can muster.
I disagree with cruelty , of course I do,
If you agree what sort of monster are you?
I disagree with this trendy barista’s coffee,
I completely disagree with fake antique toffee.
I disagree with fake people always on the take,
I disagree with journalists and all the trouble that they make.
You’re damn right I disagree with society and all its silly rules,
Just like I disagree with fashion that makes people look like tools.

Most of all I disagree with hate disguising its self as reason,
Hate against people should be a form of treason!
I disagree with prejudice that pretends that its sense,
I disagree with discrimination, equality its pretence.
I disagree with violence and disturbing the peace,
I disagree with wars even in the Middle East.
You can disagree with me with all your might,
As long as we drink tequila all through the night!


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