Why I Created A Patreon Page

The Mouse is going to be very honest, the Mounegative-peoplese feels very uneasy and unsure about this. The Mouse is very uncertain about whether this is a good idea or a terrible train wreck waiting to happen. However, the Mouse has spoken to people, and taken a lot of advice, and that advice was, no harm will come of this. So, armed with this advice, that no harm will be done, Mouse has a Patreon Page.

For those, who like the Mouse, have no idea what Patreon is. Patreon is a website where content creators put their content and people can pay or subscribe to it. It seems to have a lot of “models” making promises about what is in their subscriber section. This makes Mouse uneasy, however, the big advantage over other ways of receiving donations, is that Patreon does not require the disclosure of personal details for a donation be received.

Why you ask is the Mouse interested in donations, Mouse certainly does not blog for the money or isnt blogging to seek fortune. The Mouse worried that people would think this was an attempt to make a profit, really worried, in fact worried enough that Mouse will scrap this if that is what it turns out people think. Instead, Patreon donations are a way for people to say thank you and support not only Mouse’s creative efforts but what Mouse does for the rest of the day. Mouse works in Drug Harm reduction and with vulnerable Children (linked to that). Mouse works for charities and does not take a salary; this means there is more money for them to spend on those who need it. Mouse thinks that every little helps and like everyone there is a mortgage and bills to be paid, and every penny Mouse can make, makes a difference.

Mouse is still not sure this is a good idea.

Patreon link: https://patreon.com/user?u=4146303


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