Poetry Corner: Thoughts of You

Stood in a crowd, one is the loneliest number,
Thoughts of how you cast my hopes and dreams asunder.
Swept away, the wave of your violence crashed,
Your fist, your foot, elbow, my body they bashed.

A human punching bag, no resistance dare I muster,
You took my soul, scratched away its lustre.
Dare not move, nor speak, or breathe too loud,
To make a fuss, simply not allowed.

Paralysed by circumstance, imprisoned by fear
Forced to push away any help that might draw near.
The terrors came by day, and again at night,
You nearly managed to pummel away all my fight.

The pain never left, I ached and hurt, my body, my brain,
You left scars, I may never heal, never be the same.
My lion once roared so loud and mighty,
Now I am a mouse scared and flighty.

I once stood so tall, sought out success and glory,
You ripped it up, you rewrote my story.
Scared to go, even more scared to stay,
You made me live in hell, each and every day.

I never knew what it might be, what you might see,
But, I knew a punishment would be due to me.
You made sure I knew my place and knew my shame,
You made me your pet quivering and tame.

I could not run, I could not hide, I never even tried,
Suicide a release, I failed at that, I never died.
Instead I lived on, less able than before,
You took your shots, tried to destroy me for evermore.

You made my story your tale of woe,
You can take my stories, you haven’t got my scars to show.
You threw me away, bored, like trash discarded
Nearly dead, starving, broke, you called me retarded.

You tried to stamp me out, to hell I would be sent,
On my destruction, extinction you became hell bent.
I stayed down, so close to out, I dare not rise,
This time for once, I saw you with clear eyes.

I ran away, I hide, years later, sometimes I still look over my shoulder,
You are there, your hatred burns a little more every year I get older.
Still I wish you no ill, be happy, live long, one day the truth will out,
When it crashes down, who will hear your scream, who will hear your shout?


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