Poetry Corner: The Quiet and The Still

The Quiet and the Still

I am sitting so very very still, waiting,
I hear the car, I hear the door, anticipating,
Footsteps moving, deliberate and close,
What happens next no one else knows.

I ask how was your day, I put the kettle on,
I won’t get an answer, those days long gone,
Instead, I wait, her anger and hatred burning,
Happy home and happy families, I keep on acting.

The words come first, that much is sure,
Punches and kicks come later more and more,
Once upon a time I felt hurt that no one cared,
I became emotionally impaired.

I did what I was told, it was never right,
I tried to please her with all my might,
It was not good enough, my spirit vanished,
All I knew was that I never went unpunished.

I still sit so very very still, no one else knows,
The door it opens, footsteps, time froze,
I am going cold, going numb., I start receding,
Weather the storm and perhaps internal bleeding.


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