Poetry Corner: Glorious Past

Glorious Past

From the Highlands and Norsemen my ancestors came,
Strength, honour, loyalty and family coursing through their veins,
Simple lives, they farmed, they drank, and they fought,
They hoped and dreamed, they loved and lost, life’s lessons well taught,

Shelter, warmth and family they craved, for this their lives they gave,
A clan and sept in blood they forged, too many a muddy grave,
Tales no longer told, victories seem forever lost,
Their warriors blood, man, woman and child, stalks the hills and sails the lochs,

A Nation forged in iron on broken backs, tempered steel, a berserker’s cry,
Their tartans bled, and voices sang, nay a ten thousand flags will fly,
So it was, those generations that have passed, that DNA is woven,
The days of battle gone, those Highlanders all but forgotten.

Would they know us, recognise their daughters and their sons,
Could we stand with them, filled with pride at what we have done,
Our family name, is it steadfast, their legacy did we cherish,
Can we state we live with honour, or was that too left to rust and perish,

Our sons and daughters they look to us, are we up to task,
Are we worthy of our past, or is that too much to ask,
Do we teach them honour, family, task and toil, what do you think,
Our body of work, in life’s book we write, is it worth the ink,

Our pride steadfast, our songs we boom and laurels we rest,
Look around, this is not our best,
We use the names, in our tartans we dress,
Are we worthy, come on, confess.



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