Daily Prompt – Underground

London Underground

You took me to school, you took me to play,
You took me to work, you took me on holiday,
Well, part of it anyway.

When I come back, it doesn’t feel like home anymore,
Disturbingly alien, blank faces all staring at the floor,
We laughed, smiled and joked, I guess that was before.

All I can see is endless faces, downtrodden and sullen cast,
Tablets, phones, books and newspapers, everyone looks harassed,
Do not smile, do not laugh, no eye contact, their misery, do not trespass.

My journey ends, I can just walk away, back to my happy life,
I wonder about those I leave behind, their trouble and their strife,
Not for long, forgotten in a blink as I snuggle up cosy with my wife.


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