Poetry Corner: 5 Minutes of Fame

5 Minutes of Fame

I didn’t ask you to smash the bottle on my head and fracture my skull,
It was not my polite request that you tear my knee apart,
There was no discrete mention, memo, or email ordering the fractures to my spine,
I definitely didn’t put kick me unconscious for 5 minutes in my basket,
I am pretty sure none of that was what I ordered that night.

It wasn’t my decision to close the bar and have no staff,
I didn’t sit and think, best be on my own tonight, that will be safe,
None of those things were me.
Luckily for you 7, they never happened, you walked away,
Your lives carried on unchanged and unsullied.

I don’t know your names, or even where you are really from,
But I can remember you easily, the painkillers never worked that well,
I have a painful reminder of what you did, each waking moment at the very least,
The extra ache in winter, the fear of bar’s, crowds, drunks, and open spaces.
After you I was yesterday’s news, HR let me go, my star no longer rose.

That was 14 years ago, but still very real to me,
Your mate’s stag do, a few drinks and high jinks,
My knee it aches, and my spine it hurts and I no longer go out to work.
I haven’t walked for miles in open spaces, it as just over 14 years ago I did in fact,
These days I look at the hills and take a few paces, I can’t remember your faces.

Don’t worry, I am okay, Atoz just said so, took away my DLA,
The NHS agreed, I am not a priority, if it gets worse come back and see,
This part time gig can’t pay the bills, I am looking for a position to fill,
I’m too broken for my age, I can’t give enough for minimum wage,
Those days my aspirations and suits; kicked into touch by just a little bunch!


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