Poetry Corner: Hope You Are Happy Now

Poetry Corner: Hope you’re happy now.


 I don’t say this to disguise at hatred of someone I despise

I am not boiling with vengeance, misery as your life sentence

Not even to inflict pain, even though you did the same

Instead, I will wish you well, my sincerity you can tell

I am not the same as you; I choose not to harm you too

Cowering in fear, trying to hide that telltale tear

Crying on the inside, and no hope but dying

I am me, completely different, don’t you see

Still generous and kind, hurt and pain I do mind

I have moved on, in the kitchen I sing along

Doing the all the things you hated, dancing unabated

I lost some weight, still fat, like our first date

These days I smile a lot more, no one says I am a bore,

I am loved because and not despite, allowed my respite

The past, its hurts are fading, to the future I am aiming

I may not be healed, but my fate no longer sealed



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