Poetry Corner: Love doesn’t hurt

Love doesn’t hurt, Love isn’t cruel,
Love doesn’t punch, Love doesn’t mock,
Love isn’t cruel, Love doesn’t lie,
Love doesn’t cheat, Love isn’t guilt

Love doesn’t enjoy your pain,
Love doesn’t say you deserve to hurt,
Love doesn’t sabotage your efforts,
Love doesn’t savour your distress.

Love stands with you in the darkness,
Love says nothing when there is nothing to be said,
Love holds you up when strength is gone,
Love believes when your belief is lost,

Love tends your wounds, it doesn’t dig them deeper,
Love cries when you suffer, Love wants to take your hurt,
Love is gentle, Love is kind,
Love is warmth in the cold,

Love is because not despite,
Love adores not deplores what is you,
Love is a new morning fresh with dew,
Love is the touch that perfects your day,

Love is safe, Love is secure,
Love cares when no one else dares,
Love is the thought that pushes you through,
Love is your best friend waiting for you.

Love tucks you in when miles apart,
Love cuddles close when its getting dark,
Love wakes you up and takes you to bed,
Love promises you and sees them through.

Love doesn’t hurt.


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