Poetry Corner: To Carry On

The sun sets, the news is bleak,
Dawn rises, the news is bleak,
You fall in love, but the news is bleak,
A loved one passes, your news is bleak,

You fight to sleep, every day this week,
Pulled to dark dark places, every day this week,
You give it all, it’s not enough, every day this week,
Suicide fills your mind, every day this week,

Your limbs like lead, the darkness creeps,
Thoughts go slow and the darkness creeps,
Taking breath painful as the darkness creeps,
Death would be release, still the darkness creeps.

What was long gone, no light to seek
Future hidden with no light to seek,
Shadows foreboding with no light to seek,
Oblivion shining, there is no light to seek.

All fight is gone, tired, weak,
All hope is gone, I am tired, weak,
Your light has gone, you are tired, weak,
You love is gone, now tired, weak.

Stood in black, the tears they leak,
Stood in line, the tears they leak,
Alone is the black and the tears they leak,
Eyes tired from the tears they leak.

Lay your head full of memories you keep,
Hold them close those memories you keep,
Take comfort, take solace from memories you keep,
Find strength through the memories you keep.



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