Poetry Corner: I took your hand

I took your hand in the market square
No care for who could see us
That day I was so very proud to hold your hand, walking tall, smiling wide I wanted to scream so very very loud, this was me, someone holding tight, smiling bright.

I am prouder now than I was that day,
I want the world to see who stands with me,
Because I know you more, an oath was swore, to cherish till we perish, so very easy to keep, I am holding you close while I sleep, the smile brighter, the bond tighter.

I wish everyone knew one beautiful blossom like you,
Precious and strong, by blood forged by will,
My gentle muse, it’s you I choose, my flower, my strongest tower, my final solace and peaceful rest by you I am blessed. Soothed my soul when battle took its toll.

To the world my Queen resplendent in white,
My bride, my peace, my calm at night,
The war now ceased, from the fight released, the storm now passed the hurt now, on calm shores at last. The warrior of the past now lays down his sword at last.


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