Poetry Corner: Not Fading

Memories are supposed to fade, suffering less real,
Time passes, emotions have not healed,
The scar has not formed, the wound festering and open,
Infected with lies and malicious manipulation,

You went, left me discarded to die, my end you worked to hasten,
Believed your lies, thought you would break and destroy me,
Battered, bruised, broken and afraid my resolve it swayed,
Staring into the bleak unknown, spent and worthless,

I deserved to hurt you said, I believed it to be true,
Unlovable and beyond repair, an echo of my mother’s voice,
Memories faulty and judgement flawed, failed and bad,
Ugly inside and out, despised by all, no one cares,

Now you are gone, the words are still written, I know what you said,
I had to run, I had to hide, you made it unsafe to be alive,
Panic and dread claw at the bleeding spirit so slowly fading,
Imprisoned just in case, the world still a frightening place.


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