Poetry Corner: Little Red Square

I wonder where you went

That little square I made in primary school

You sat by my bed for years

I remember you so clearly

Red, with coloured thread

I was so very proud of you

I took my time, so very careful

At the end of term I took you home

Showed you to my mum, she frowned

And told a lie that it was nice

My dad he did not fake

I went to my room

He still shouted about it

I don’t know what he said

He wasn’t happy and he wasn’t proud

My mum looked sad,

I worked hard for a long time

I thought it was great,

My favourite colour made by me

Only one would ever be

It didn’t matter

I kept you so very safe

But my mum made sure you were gone

When we moved house

She cleared my stuff

I never saw you again

You taught me well my little square

People lie and pretend they care

I learned well my worth and place

To hide my tears and hide my face.



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