Poetry Corner: Journey

Loaded my stuff into my truck, pulled off my drive for the last time
No one waved goodbye, bet she checked I left though

Picked up my new keys and like 17 again stepped alone into my new place
Unloaded and went to work, came home and made my bed

A lot has happened since then, I know she wanted me dead
That little place became my home my castle and my keep

I looked out at children playing and found myself crying at the sight
You took my boys when you threw me out like so much broken trash

I’ve moved on from my little home where I learned to grow and heal
Starting alone I took tiny steps and slowly found my way

One by one those prison walls are being knocked down and I moved away
Someone stupid enough to have me as you would most likely mock

A different town and a different house, a completely different place
A new home this time no longer alone, not quiet or hiding in plain sight

Learning new things like feeling loved and cherished, grown and nourished
Weakness is allowed, vulnerability an opportunity for kindness not attack

Cast aside, I look different now, finding me not who you crushed me to be
Those years they left their mark, and those tears took an unwelcome toll

My spirit grew my body broke, too much neglect from playing my part
My heart forgot to beat, other things now beyond repair, cared for now

New start, a new beginning, so cliché, I write my story now, I tell it my way
Not the villain, the bad guy, no tales of bad behaviour or things to improve

No action points or summary, instead a hug, a kiss, and a cuddle me
Surprised those stories stopped, news just in, is positive and encouraging

I am allowed to have something to say, no transcript required, no inquiry
Just the smiles of time well spent, friendships made, or deepened further

Now here I am and the things I hear, they can’t mean me, surely not
From a little house and living in fear, it’s not perfect but quite near



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