Poetry Corner: Night

Everything is quiet now, my world is all asleep
She will lie in peace until the morning creeps
In rest, she finds escape I cannot reach
Her sleep brings peace even she cannot teach

In restlessness, I ponder, did I so calmly slumber
Was I robbed silently or was it ripped violently asunder
Fatigued, my mind will not still, murders my dreams
This incessant turmoil no saviour redeems

My physical self wages war, burning through my core
Waking me through day and night for evermore
Aching quietly for more temperate whispers
Medication brings no silence, reality no longer blurs

Waking nightly drenched with unknown fear
Fighting shadows, trembling no one can hear
Winter is worse too long the night, summer no respite
Day brings no mercy, no glorious end in sight


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