Poetry Corner: Made it out of bed today

Made it out of bed today
Not sure what to say
My thoughts don’t rhyme
Never arrive on time

Sure I did some stuff
Admittedly not much
Overall some success
Don’t ask, that’s best

What did I achieve
Very little but breathe
It definitely will do
Over turning blue

The best is yet to come
Nothing said or done
This my hundred percent
Wouldn’t pay my rent

I stared at nothing though
Nothing really to show
No brick in that legacy
Every thing all at sea

I put on some clothes
A week old, who knows
Its ok, I didn’t go outside
I stay cosy and hide

What will tomorrow bring
Hope the doorbell doesn’t ring
Should I cook some food
Not really in the mood

May put on some music
A soundtrack while I’m sick
An illness like the others
Except no one bothers

Its different when its your head
That stops you getting out of bed
No virus or infection
Means there is no action

I read something today
A sauce bottle you say
This too will pass
Life turned to farce

At bottom no where left fall
Says the complete fool
A long way to that place
See horror on your face

Much worse than this
Your own vein you miss
With fullest candour
I possess no anger

Somewhat emotionless
No, not another test
They come down my street
We nod as we meet

Time to go numb
Best take my Valium
It takes away anxiety
This I am yet to see

Drowsiness is no freedom
Eventually succumb
To the nightmares
No one seems to care

Expressions of sympathy
No idea about being me
It’s all right, I’ve no idea too
Like you, no clue what to do


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