Thinking Out Loud: Not Working – It’s Hard to Say

One of the disadvantages of having to stay an anonymous Mouse is when I talk about my life I have to be careful that I am not giving a precise description because I need to know that you could know me in a casual sense and not know this blog was mine

I realised that if you were close, then you would see the giveaway details. The reason you see them is because you know me well enough to know what they are, while to anyone just a little bit further away would not know they were there. Rather like in-jokes.

In this instance, it trips me up because the opportunities in my non-working life are massive. The sort of level where the achievement is as permanently recorded as it gets, like National or International sporting records. Which is why I have decided to devote extra time and effort, time is passing and the opportunity to go chase a dream do not last forever, so here I am, chasing it.

Creatively, loving the opportunity to develop and practice my writing skills, even if not everything ends up going anywhere or being put on this blog – I am plucking up the courage to publish the less finished, the more raw work, like the hearts. A part of the raison-d’etre of this blog is to document the journey in a genuine and authentic way. I want my work to be crafted but not so polished it loses authenticity.


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