Dear Diary: 1st Feb 2017 First Entry

I am a terrible diary keeper, and I moan a lot. So I thought why not just when I felt like being a diary person put it here and I can be moaning, mundane or whatever with an audience which makes wallowing the mud of self pity completely acceptable.

Feeling bad because this week rather than reading and writing I have focussed on two goals, the main one for the year I don’t share, and my painting. In this case making cards with a view to selling them.

Made them today, and Ive hand painted them and to me they look shit, okay there is nothing wrong with them, they are ok enough to sell, thats not the problem, they just don’t look special, frustrating the heck out of me.

Valentines cards need to be available very soon or I will miss that having already been to sick to make anything to sell at Christmas. In fact nothing is selling,  should write more on my book and I haven’t been paid.



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