Poetry Corner – Happily Everafter

Once upon a time, that is how the story goes

Lies of happy endings and no more woes

Fairytale princesses, dashing prince such a gent

No dark secrets, no private sorrow to lament


Down the aisle, bathed in whites, joy to the day

The torture you endure you dare not say

You smile, you dance, and you tell the lies

Each day, each moment, part of you dies


You carry on, hide the hurt, tell the tale

Consequences the come, you always fail

Not good enough, you know the truth

You embarrass, disappoint, so uncouth


You speak, you hide the outcome is just the same

You bow your head, accept your shame

No one must know, no one would believe you anyway

An overdose, but you didn’t die that day


Every thing is raw and bruised no one must know

Fake injuries, you pretend, it must never show

You wonder why, what you did, you know its deserved

You reap what you sow, and this is what’s served


You look to have it all, you struggle to feel even pain

The days pass by, empty, scared, so much the same

No place to go, no help to get, you failed a dying

Inside you go weak and carry on just crying


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