Poetry Corner: Beyond Repair

I grew up told I was broken, beyond repair

A bad person who did bad things,

No one said what they were,

They were so unspeakable I never knew their name


I tried to run, and hide in the bottle and the pill

Saved by a girl, no angel, she had not fallen

Simple words, simple acts, simple faith

No lies, she simply pointed a different way


One person believed before me and I walked anyway

The bottle and the pill I kept by my side

Old friends, my travelling companions, faithful amigos

The journey started, walked in alone


The broken boy was doing good, shining so bright

The broken boy never believed, and the girl was gone

No one to say well done, to whisper carry on

And the bills to be paid, faithful friends that cared


The boy found a man looking back, he was bang on track

All that life called success and his vision only black

The angel of that wedding day was not from heaven sent

On his destruction she was hell bent


He was broken, the familiar sound of unspeakable acts

The guilt for something he must have done

Back at home where he had always been

That bad person who did bad things


No one said well done, no one whispered carry on

Except strangers in the wilderness looking from afar

They saw, what that girl had seen

They saw everything that broken boy should have been


And the demons cast him into the fires of rage

Destroyed and laid waste to all he was and did

And he broke, just for a moment, and he hid

In the wilderness he was tempted, the whisper: carry on


The boy looked up, from the bottom his gaze was cast

The darkess welcomed him with open arms,

His amigos waited to greet their old friend,

Into the wasteland so desperate to walk and die


And through his bloodshot eye and battered brow

He made one solemn vow right here and now

Not today my old friends, not today

Not the wilderness nor sweet abyss will I walk


The broken boy, laid down the guilt of his shattered past

Found no bad things and the suitcase of his regrets

No hero bound, nor glory found, redemption will have to wait

For the boy, broken and unbound in his future will be found


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