Dear Diary: Someone Said So

Someone treats you like someone you used to be a long time ago

Someone you haven’t been for a long time

Someone you changed from being and have no shown no signs of being, haven’t acted like or even been close to for a long time

You are upset that they have assumed that you are that person from the past.

You get upset that they treated you like a person you are not

You are bad person for being upset by them

You are wrong to say, hey you treated me on an assumption taking no account of the years where my actions prove I am not longer that person and I no longer act that way.

They are upset because you have said they did something they shouldn’t.

You are a bad person

That person cared, that person only wanted the best for you when they ignored all the work and years of effort, the actions upon actions that demonstrated the change from who you were to who you had become

That person meant nothing bad when they took away from you any notion that people can change or perhaps their actions should be allowed to speak.

You shouldn’t be surprised.

Your mum assumed you were, the doctors and schools too, they treated you like the person they said you were and nothing you did changed a thing.

The applied the labels that defined you, nothing you did mattered, you were broken, bad.

You never deserved a second chance, you actions were always silent, you were always what someone else said you were

The Court dubbed you a monster on the word of your ex-wife when even the Police found evidence to the reverse.

You, your actions make no difference, the world it has never cared, your legacy will never be what you did or said, your legacy was dead before your first breath when someone said.


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