Dear Diary: Fake Goals and Real Dreams

received_1704831652913702.jpg Goals are set for 2018, of course they are. You have to set goals, and I will work towards them. Its fake, its a made up purpose; it doesn’t matter or make a difference really.

In reality, its made up so I can feel like I am not a waste of space, to give me a reason to move in the morning, to have certain things, do certain things, and go out the house at all except to buy groceries. It’s fake.

It’s made up; honestly, it’s all made up, like the picture, someone else is there, where I want to be, the real deal. I am just here dreaming.

I wish I was there taking the picture, just like I wish those goals were part of a big picture, a step on a journey, or part of something greater, bigger, a contribution. None of it is true, I am not there.

Tomorrow will come and we can share the glorious pretend that it counts or matters when even I only care because I am supposed to care; the words are hollow, the smoke and mirrors have long since been packed away.


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