Poetry Corner: A Good Person

Don’t hurt the people around you, that’s what good people do,

The pain was never meant to show, no one is ever to know,


Day by day you just stumble on, pretend nothing is wrong,

Got nowhere to fall, you have got no one to call,


You are not alone, all you have to do is phone,

So many could come they might not fit in, but no-one would be listening,


In the crowd, you would know solitude, smile and don’t be rude,

You would be fixed in a jiffy, suicide would be escape, perhaps that’s just me,


Then their duty would be done, and all would be gone,

And that’s the funny thing, you have less than nothing,


Now you know the network of responsibility, the death stone no can see,

What sort of monster would hurt them, even the reaper cannot condemn,


Find a way for 24 hours, no hope of relief ever flowers,

Be a good person, an empty shell that carries on,


Your cowardice sits and taunts, spitting contempt at the final retorts,

Your heart now knows the truth, pitiful with no will left to do.


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