Dear Diary: Excuse my tardiness.

Head CT and MRI, Angiogram, treatment for Acute Coronary Syndrome; was that the end of the road?

I have no idea, last March my world changed completely, I was losing the battle against depression but December’s debacle left me defeated and falling back into the darkness. Physically, day on day, week on week I declined. I tried to say something was wrong, I even went back to the hospital. All along nothing was wrong.

Until 2 weeks ago today,  9am an ambulance rushed me unconscious to the Hospital, my ECG had infarction? clearly printed by the machine, the blood tests, apparently were now raised enough to warrant action, where previously they were not high enough, just raised, and there I was unconscious most of the time and unresponsive.

Rather obviously I lived, late on the Monday 6 days later my Brain MRI said I was okay to continue my recovery at home and at 5pm I left with follow up promised.

So here I am; supposedly better, of course, everything is not ok, it wasn’t in December either, I just don’t know, what is better going to look like, 6 months of my life down, I have no idea.

One day at a time they say; towards what I say?



  1. Toward Your YourNameGoesHere”Ness”!! Life intended you to be here for a reason. Even being a mouse won’t quiet this knowing within. Sending and surrounding you with


      1. Thank you Dwight.
        That I am here for a reason I am of no doubt; I would like to be CC-ed on the memo about what that reason is and how I go forward from here to fulfil it please 🙂


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