Poetry Corner: Gigi

I look at your picture, your eyes mirror my soul

They stare back and lay me bare

I want to turn and run away from the siren song

That inexorably drags me back deep into the same sea

I feel the guilt of thoughts I was never supposed to have

I feel the shame of shattered dreams and my broken heart

The waves of emotion that drown and tear me apart

I am there once again, crushed by the burden of being strong

Battered and bruised by the weight of being brave

Engulfed by the burden of being the inspiration I can never be

I am back, the same silent tears I was never allowed to cry

Screaming, it’s unfair, part me dying asking God, why?

Sitting alone in the solitary abyss between night and dawn

Tears gently falling, soaking me as wrestle the demon of reality

I want to leave us all who sit with the dead in the dark a note,

It’s not just you, it’s not just me, we are all drowning in the same sea


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