Poetry Corner: Pieces

What is left, what shattered pieces to find

Are there any shards that remain

Time has worn them away

The pain of loss just feels the same

I am grieving what never was,

Grief over a fairy tale I pasted up

Ripped into crumbling pieces

My complicit delusion to obscure the void

Of the time that never was,

The reality that could never be

There was no truth,

Only ever the lies I told to me

Hope the biggest illusion

On the horizon of empty dreams

To which I sailed so gleefully

In the doldrums of a broken hearts and promises

Outcast by the stories, lost in the barren waste

Walking in the mire of a lover’s lies

Deceit so complete it cast away the light

Time turned black, the stars frightened too took flight

The candle learned quickly not to burn,

Mocked by the shadow that haunts my days

Even oblivion rejects my embrace


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