Poetry Corner: Precious Gift

You told me the story of how I was so precious


Were those empty words what made it right

Your comfort blanket of lies that helped you sleep at night

Did they make it right to tell me I was broken

Were they the justification for the price-tag of worthless

That you hung around my name

Was it those stories and lies that allowed the noose of consequence

To be so tightly fastened around my neck

Was precious the reason I learned never to shine, petrified to sparkle

I know I disappointed you, that much you made clear

I know I was never what I was supposed to be

I know I was the nasty sweater on Christmas day

A broken promise, the wrong gift, a failure, the fake empty smile

You, left stuck with the ugly, the unwanted, trying to forget

Neglected when it suits, discarded, never forgotten,

Just flung, used and abused, every day you hoped I could be lost


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