Poetry Corner: School Days

With a happy clip-clop and the begrudging trudge

Some of them early and some of them late,

Some never even arrive at the School gate,

They arrive alone or with their mate

From happy homes and some not so great


Battered book bags and lunches packed,

Too many weary with troubles stacked,

In need of love and a decent meal, now that’s a fact

Some gleeful memories they sadly lack


Their teacher does their best with the curriculum,

To the boys and girls this seems no fun

From tests and work they want to run

Not knowing they will need this in their life to come


Essential tools and stepping stones

To careers and lives as yet unknown

Even move away and build better homes

Not sit all day to whine and moan


This is not the same everywhere

Some children have no school, not even a chair

To read and write you ought to care,

But when you cant, it’s all a bit of a ‘mare


Who cares what old people have to say

They have had their time anyway,

We were once like you, just wanting to play

But life just gets in our way


We’d love to sit in school and learn

All the things we didn’t earn

Before the end of our last term


1 Comment

  1. This poem had me feeling so nostalgic; when I was in school, there was nothing I wanted more than to get out into the ‘real world’ and now, I so desperately want to be sitting in class again, dozing off.
    Life has a cruel sense of humour.

    On a brighter note, I simply loved reading this and I’m looking forward to your next post! ❤


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