Poetry Corner: It’s Been a While

A long time ago, in this very place

The age before my weary face

When the scars were wounds, open and raw

And I couldn’t stand the face I saw


When the whisky and tequila reigned down

Every look at me was a disdainful frown

And to nowhere I was headed fast

Kicked, beaten, hopeless and downcast


When even friends would no longer draw near

Even death had learned to fear

Its been a while since I wanted one more day

Desperate for the reason why heaven pushed me away


No idea why God was mad, why I was made so bad

To fathom why he wanted me so sad

It’s been a while since I could think my own thoughts

Beyond the suicide and the courts


Time and tide, I started losing stuff and sanity

The clocked ticked, wrapping up darkness own vanity

An allegory of my ship wrecked upon the shore

Energy and will to breathe they are no more


So I do this thing called – therapy

Being honest, for once, it makes no sense to me

Feeling good about having nothing ahead

Than the pain that has already destroyed my head


Even now I am perpetuating the simple lie

Because I never started to hurt and cry

The truth is, broken and worthless was all I ever was

Growing old just rusted away the shield I called because


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