Poetry Corner: Kurt

When the curtain rises the smiles go on,

The notes crescendo so it shows

They never know the truth


Another venue, another broken heart

A sold-out stadium pulls us all apart

On and on, no-one ever thinks about the rising cost


A standing ovation and I grow weaker somehow

The cheers are louder and I am lonelier now

Accolades like happiness, they only fade to my prison bars


The lights are fading and my make-up done

My soul is broken, no encore, just the chance to run

Inside I died, but not even a tear I cried


Just more cameras and a chance to lie

It’s an amazing life where there is no more of me to find

No more reasons can I see


The lights are fading, and the walls close in

It’s all over and so it all begins

Nevermore to see, who is me


The final silence, and I search for sense

My act of freedom to climb the fence

And hope with all my heart God welcomes me


Perhaps kind eyes I’ll see.


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