Poetry Corner: Down by the River

I want to tell a story of a one-time happy boy

Playing carefree by the river with his favourite toy

Our picnic by the canal with cucumber sandwiches and joy

I want to tell a story and describe the tartan rug

And talk about a little rowing boat that nearly sunk


I want to write gleefully of the sun that burned us all

And how I ran so happy for once I didn’t fall

To compose something that elates, enraptures or something wonderful

The truth is I am not thinking anything like this at all


I deluded myself that the photograph was happy over so many years

I did that for a childhood where I remember lonely tears

The feeling isolated and lost, in my own darkness with my fears

That is all I ever knew, everyone lived a life where it wasn’t worth the cost

No one said it should be different, and for forty years I was lost


Perhaps I will write of all those sunny days

Remember nothing more than smiles, not empty eyes that glazed

Write the fairy tale, the happiness, not me longing for the grave

These thoughts they still haunt me and discolour the suns rays


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