Poetry Corner: A Second Takes Forever

I’m lying here on the grass

Just thinking of the time that’s past

Wondering how to make hurt rhyme

Taking up too much time

And second feels like forever


But forever never comes inside my head

Just like all the words I could have said

That would never made a shred of difference

It would have taken you to have conscience

And still a second feels like forever


Outside in the rain, people just walking past

Inside, the time refuses to move so fast

Not that it heals, I just want new memories,

Replace some of all those tragedies,

Like the second it would take forever


Like the people walking past my door

I’ll pretend I’ve something more

Than the scars and pain you gave me

That when you look no one ever sees

And this second takes forever


Because the thought won’t leave

A boat beached among the reeds

Struggling to leave and make it out

To keep being pulled back in, ever deeper now

In fear the second feels like forever


Sometimes I ask the stupid question

I don’t expect an answer, that’s my lesson

The cruelty deserved or not

So many times I took the shot

And those seconds felt like forever


And so we go our separate ways

Not to care about the days

To stalk the lonely hours which you stole

Every Birthday passes takes it toll

Each second of that day feels like forever


The birthday I never saw, the picture I never took

The days out and loving look

The first days and school and the new teacher

Or even watching the rain, weather never bleaker

I would cherish those seconds forever


Instead, we have new lives now

Gone is the hurt and the row

Come is the peace to heal

Soothing balm and a warm meal

Seconds I wish would last forever


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