Thinking Out Loud: Blogosphere

It seems pretty trite and obvious to say its been a while since I posted and rather superfluous and self-serving to witter needlessly about why that has been the case when I have written ad-nauseum about being ill already, see I can bore myself too.

Instead I have taken it upon myself to have what you could call an electronic clear out and tidy up. Of course, if you think my physical space is somewhat disorganised then my electronic space was somewhat like what you would expect after some sort of war or huge natural disaster a year on. A layer of apparent normality quickly replaced by the reality of complete chaos and disorganisation. It was terrible.

My downfall was the simple fact that I do not use window and have had the same computer for 8 years and that the search function works and although I am good at descriptive names and folders 8 years, and all its wonders had left multiple duplicates, backups, other peoples files and all sorts of irrelevant and no longer required material, to give you an idea of scale in one folder I deleted around 30,000 files, most of which I had no clue about their existence as you can imagine. And it would appear there was no chance of my old family photos ever going missing with them in Google Photos and 3 backups on the computer each of 250gb each. One of these has been moved to an external little ssd drive that I can move about and do project Photo files with and Project Google Photo Drive has been ongoing as that contains the extra burden of memes and things collected specifically to post online in replies that are even more irrelevant now than they were then, a pie crust with 3.14 etc is a smile at best whenever you see it.

That has not been all, clearing up and getting a des clear enough to reach your keyboard is one thing, making your computer actually have the files on it is another commendable pursuit of course. However, I have been engaged in some reading around this whole blog thing, the blogosphere and wow. It is huge, which explains why I feel like I am standing on an event horizon about to be lost as I get pulled in, because it really is a black hole of creative content and output, of course, the amount of advertising (politely) garbage and click bait seems to multiply exponentially and yes I would really believe what happened next – honest, that’s why I am not clicking, but also the advice.

Advice on your blog is everywhere, some is clear well-meaning and intentioned coming from genuine people who want to share their best practice and resources, these finds are diamonds and gems to be cherished. They may not always be appropriate for what you are doing, but idea and input and creativity is infectious, ideas naturally interact and multiply and by the same process, if you are focus will direct that interaction and multiplication towards your outcome and goal.

For anyone, this process will always take a while to work itself out and I am sure anyone who follows of delves in and out of my blog will see it has changed already and its an evolving creation and I change as a person. Perhaps the ideas I followed in my hiatus and am trying to maintain engagement with will show themselves in my content too, its is the great wonder of all journeys, we take them unassured exactly of what is next even on a well travelled path.

Sadly, the commercial advice for money after a teaser blog is there too, personally I have found commercial online advice or assistance to be of none of the sort. In a previous business I paid for SEO having built the website myself using advice from a website developer for a large corporate that I was friends with – so I got that at pizza rates. And I what I found was very disappointing despite having gone far beyond the basics in business structure both physically and online this not low profile nor inexpensive company could not deliver the meaningful traffic promised.

While having never used anything commercial blog wise except a domain name service, I have from having had contact and interaction with these companies gotten the same unnerving feeling that what they provide is generic and un-focussed and that their metric of success is not meaningful in a paying your electric bill/commercial or monetisation sense and is not even aimed at meaningfully engaged traffic for a blog where that is the goal and that as long it’s a click it counts is enough.

For me, it is about engagement, one person, telling me that my blog is awful, is actually far better than 50 clicks telling me nothing because the one person has engaged and read and been provoked enough to tell me I am rubbish. That is a success for me in my writing endeavour – a reaction. As you read this mildly pointless diversion, if its made you wonder about these blog advice blogs and does you blog fulfil a purpose, a direction, a need for you or your envisioned audience, why do we blog, are we all attention seeking really, who knows, do I need a good slap with a kipper – quite possibly. Then, personally, I am happy.

Which is maybe why we blog and what when we get overly professional about a blog (perhaps even a professional blog) we lose something, the spark, that makes the people stop and listen to our voice among the billions of voices in the black hole of the blogosphere. What we bring is a unique light that our reader see and are drawn to in the darkness, or could there be far too many analogies to capture what it is that makes one blog compelling and another repelling.

I find this interesting because we spend our most precious commodity – time, on reading a blog, so given its high real cost, what makes us see it as valuable, if we really see it as valuable at all.



  1. I just stumbled upon this post, and couldn’t agree more. I get fed up with people that hit the like button but don’t actually interact too. You have a new subscriber 🙂

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    1. thank you for commenting. it is not akways a comment although everyone who ever wrote anything knows any sort of comment negative or positive has a value and can drive an inner dialogue without many signs of life, for me it is that big emotional dialogue with the people we trust that builds us and frees us to be really individual and not individual like the BMW ad said, by ticking options boxes at the dealer.

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