Poetry Corner: Charon Don’t Care

When the ferryman comes you better have the change in your hand

There ain’t no admittance to the poor man

Old Charon don’t care about your demands and your old life is rapid is fading

And the boat is leaving, leaving all your riches behind

They ain’t saving your soul like you were saying

And river is calm but the skulls they are deep

Something means you can’t weep for the souls that you put there

It was only you that you were deceiving

For death keeps rowing you can’t lend a hand

And shore has plunged into nothing

Just your desk fancy suit that made you look so important

Well you’re all dressed in rags and in torment you’ll burn

The ain’t no expresso or bagel that’s waiting

This is you and your echo won’t last cos ain’t nobody listening

For shareholders and markets have condemned your fate

And the secretary’s lawsuit is building,

So, look to darkness as if it’s your friend, as it slowly welcomes you home

And your fate now is dark and light slowly is blinding

For life that lived is the death that will last

And calmly the justice falling, and you don’t mind at all

The pain it won’t hurt, for the boatman he is unloading.


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