Categories Explained

Over time I am developing certain features and categories. These are so similar material and trains of thought can be corralled together reasonably neatly. So this is a little explanation of what going on.

Poetry Corner: 
Hopefully a self-explanatory one, by far the biggest category, this is a piece by me, Mr Anonymouse, himself. This is original material so please credit me as the author.

Monday Night Reflection:
Here I am reflecting on a theme, thought or idea. Monday is a busy day that sets the tone of my week and where plans are made and put into action, it also, often when the products of the previous week that has been wrapped up mostly on a Friday can become more readily apparent. Plus, it gives the weekend to breathe and let things settle, often a view can be obscured by latest and loudest, by Monday perspective has often returned.

Thinking Out Loud
A section for thoughts, from extensions to the Monday Night Reflection, to simple pieces that stand alone commenting on how I feel in that moment or giving my view on a subject.

Small Stuff
Where you will find short stories, anything disjointed, and pieces just exploring writing in some way. Not a poem, not necessarily a story and definitely not an introspective or personal reflective piece. Like Poetry Corner, Small Stuff is for creativity whatever the subject.

Photography and Images
Photography and Images was created first, but I wanted to separate out my photographs and any creative efforts I make with them from other images, such as those of things I have created in other mediums, like refinishing some candelabras for my table, some sponge painting and anything like that. Hence ending up with 2 overlapping category names.

I Made This
Photographs of things I have made or done of a creative nature.

Dear Diary
Occasional short musings or rantings very specific to that day. I moan a lot here.

642 Things to Write:
This is material from the prompts in the book 642 Things to Write. Material from prompts may also appear in Poetry Corner or Small Stuff

The Daily Prompt:
This is material using daily word prompts from Word Press The Daily Post. The blog will be linked to the prompt where it features alongside other work using that prompt. Most often poetry, this can be any material.