Thinking Out Loud: Gifts for your Mother Figure

This was the title of an email from a leading retailer this week. I am sure last year this was Mother’s Day, and I know that in the shop I bought a Mother’s Day card. I also saw “you’re like a mother to me” cards which as a step parent myself I thought was a… Continue reading Thinking Out Loud: Gifts for your Mother Figure


Dear Diary: Tuesdays and Thursdays

A lot has happened in the world, with family and friends in New Zealand I could be writing about the tragic shootings in Christchurch. I have been there one time, and even done freelance work for a shop that’s part of the local community in the city. I am not, because the world is flooded… Continue reading Dear Diary: Tuesdays and Thursdays

It’s All About Me

One the advantages of having chronic health issues is that it makes me a passive consumer of material (at best), the disadvantage being it renders output next to impossible, which is a bit of an explanatory digression, to explain why I was reading something called “why your blog sucks” in the first place One of… Continue reading It’s All About Me

Dear Diary: Keith Flint

7th March 2019 I don’t like to write about someone I don’t know personally and his music was only part of the backdrop in my life. I was not fan; I did not go to concerts or have lots of memorabilia. It sometimes feels fraudulent when some dies to even comment when I have no… Continue reading Dear Diary: Keith Flint

Short Story: Frank

Frank stopped at his usual station for diesel, the constant stream of new staff kept the unnecessary chat to a minimum. For 10 years, Frank had stopped here going home and leaving for work, in that time one bright smiling young lass actually meant, “How are you today?” Of course, Frank never saw her again,… Continue reading Short Story: Frank

Poetry Corner: Never Think

I never think, it’s been too long Too long, so long, so gone, I’m long gone So Baby, baby I never think, oh no, no never It’s so over, so long baby’s been gone that I never think no, no I never think Just me now baby so long, gone, no home now oh no,… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Never Think

Reflections Project: Two Steps Forward

I started this blog as a place to put creative things, then I got nervous and did nothing with it, then I started posting. In that process life happened, I got sick, definitely not a good thing, but more than that, good things happened that distracted me from my creative self. Then, worst of all,… Continue reading Reflections Project: Two Steps Forward

Dear Diary: Changes

It is obvious that I have been changing things around the blog, in deference to Mr Dylan the times are indeed "a changin". However, and I do love a good subclause, changes recently have not been only of the blogging kind, although, that, for now, would be excitement enough. Well, perhaps that, and a new, to… Continue reading Dear Diary: Changes