Behind the Squeek: Drinks Can

This is my first attempt at a studio “still life” style shot, so it was a makeshift setup being anything but a professional and my setup being a rather long way from a professional studio. .

In addition I am not well versed in the used of photo-editing software, so I wanted to make sure that the picture was “old fashioned” in the sense that it was lit and constructed physically rather than relying on post production for effects.

My inspiration for this came from old photographic work, in particular a Tenants Lager advertisment I had seen in my early 20s which had taken the similar approach of not stitching together the elements in post production but actually shooting the picture raw with lighting and looking to do as little correction as possible.

Having never done this type of still shot in a studio setting before, and it was really enjoyable playing with what was essentially a makeshift setup to see if I could achieve a reasonable effect at all. With the space and situation I was working in for this shot I also ended up using my camera phone, which does not run the best software for the lenses and have great settings control despite having what is a decent specification. It can be a little frustrating in that sense, however, I am learning to live with it while working out how to get the best of it and arrange an alternative.

Overall, I it was something I enjoyed and will definitely have some fun with in the future as I learn how to make my space work for studio  looks and the equipment work to capture interesting effects and creative constructions.


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