Behind the Squeek: Poetry Corner – Never Think

Inspired by the Robert Pattinson song of the same name which appears on the original Twilight soundtrack this poem was originally written on a hospital napkin.

At the time I had no idea whether I was simply repeating the lyrics or creating something original, I let the idea flow on the only thing available to write on and left it there. Once well enough I typed the idea out and left it largely alone compared to that original, corrected the typos and I did change a phrase or two to capture my thoughts and emotions.

The original song is a bluesy, melancholic emotional and soulful track that because it sits on a Twilight album lies undiscovered and Pattinson’s unusual but compelling vocal and touching lyrics dormant. Music and poetry, are emotional experiences, for me, they both unlock feeling and convey where I have no words that which I feel or encapsulate a moment. Or provide a backdrop or soundtrack to moments in my life, or as in the case of WH. Auden’s Stop the Clocks an emotion that for many years I had longed to understand and feel but did not.

I was happy that Never Think turned out to be distinct enough to be a standalone piece, with its own merit and my own emotional content, while at the same time I know and acknowledge without Pattinson and his beautiful vocals and moving lyrics I would not have felt that inspiration or had access to that style of writing from which to learn and draw, it feels somewhat collaborative.

It is exciting to try and draw from a new source and try different expressive mediums and styles and I am enjoying stepping away from my comfortable forms written and otherwise.


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