Poetry Corner: I Didn’t Ask for Yesteryear

I didn’t ask for yesteryear, the objects of the past they seem so near Perhaps when I look back they are simply further than they appear What is it I am clutching close, is it the rope of a hangman’s’ noose Not the indentured servant, nor cotton picking slave, but fattened goose When you wait… Continue reading Poetry Corner: I Didn’t Ask for Yesteryear


Poetry Corner: I Slipped …. Again

The scream, the wail The hammer, the nail The pain, the shame I slipped …. Again Promise.

Poetry Corner: Domestic

Hazelnut eyes and plain brown hair No thousand mile gaze, just an eight mile stare Add a smile to conceal your nightmare Pretend smiles and a jocular air Papering the cracks no one knows are there Happiness? So preciously rare In the dark of loneliness, no one to care A book of memories barren and… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Domestic

Poetry Corner: Precious Gift

You told me the story of how I was so precious Why? Were those empty words what made it right Your comfort blanket of lies that helped you sleep at night Did they make it right to tell me I was broken Were they the justification for the price-tag of worthless That you hung around my… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Precious Gift

Poetry Corner: Pieces

What is left, what shattered pieces to find Are there any shards that remain Time has worn them away The pain of loss just feels the same I am grieving what never was, Grief over a fairy tale I pasted up Ripped into crumbling pieces My complicit delusion to obscure the void Of the time… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Pieces

Dear Diary: Excuse my tardiness.

Head CT and MRI, Angiogram, treatment for Acute Coronary Syndrome; was that the end of the road? I have no idea, last March my world changed completely, I was losing the battle against depression but December's debacle left me defeated and falling back into the darkness. Physically, day on day, week on week I declined.… Continue reading Dear Diary: Excuse my tardiness.

Poetry Corner: Piñata

You don’t not hear the laughing, It’s not like you don’t see them point A jester without a costume is still quite the joke   You know the truth, you know what’s real, It’s that you learn to pretend so you don’t have to feel, A delusion that it’s not you that’s the biggest joke… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Piñata

Dear Diary: Fake Goals and Real Dreams

 Goals are set for 2018, of course they are. You have to set goals, and I will work towards them. Its fake, its a made up purpose; it doesn't matter or make a difference really. In reality, its made up so I can feel like I am not a waste of space, to give me… Continue reading Dear Diary: Fake Goals and Real Dreams

Thinking Out Loud: Falling Forward

I am still taking a break from things online; anaemia and a kidney infection have me feeling very sorry for myself, especially as the anaemia has me being checked out down the cancer care pathway. With bowel cancer killing my father and a genetic component to the variant he had, it is quite easy to… Continue reading Thinking Out Loud: Falling Forward

Poetry Corner: Clock of Time

I’m not sure I asked, It happened anyway, you said I did, It’s all my fault, It always is.   An earned reward, that consequence I knew better, You said I did, I always do.   I gave up knowing, Not even the same is safe Breathing daring, I know I should.   You would… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Clock of Time