Poetry Corner: What Was Once A Chore

Doing not what was once a chore I look out over misty hills of nevermore The fire whines and cackles with no spell to cast Left behind the world that demanded anything fast   No longer privy to the world of push and shove Spectacular and glorious isolation I seek to love Beyond my grasp… Continue reading Poetry Corner: What Was Once A Chore


Poetry Corner: Charon Don’t Care

When the ferryman comes you better have the change in your hand There ain't no admittance to the poor man Old Charon don’t care about your demands and your old life is rapid is fading And the boat is leaving, leaving all your riches behind They ain’t saving your soul like you were saying And… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Charon Don’t Care

Dear Diary: Excuse my tardiness.

Head CT and MRI, Angiogram, treatment for Acute Coronary Syndrome; was that the end of the road? I have no idea, last March my world changed completely, I was losing the battle against depression but December's debacle left me defeated and falling back into the darkness. Physically, day on day, week on week I declined.… Continue reading Dear Diary: Excuse my tardiness.

Poetry Corner: 24 Hours

Twenty four hours; someone said that, I am pretty sure someone said that, Wait twenty-four hours. That is what they said, don’t end it now, wait twenty-four hours, What did they say after that? I don’t really remember, or maybe, honestly, I don’t want to remember, Because it wasn’t true! Twenty four hours; time to… Continue reading Poetry Corner: 24 Hours

Reflection: Past Tense

Karl Marx wrote about the past lying heavy like a nightmare on the minds of the living; more and more I have felt like this one sentence was written looking directly at me. The past has been the present; the emotions raw, the wounds re-opened and the pain as if it had never gone. Things… Continue reading Reflection: Past Tense