Poetry Corner: On Purpose

Miles away in the present of the rain Drifting slowly from the consciousness I would say I have gone insane   The ghosts that haunt me keep me company Old friends and demons who is confused Devoted, timeless forever with just me   Stepping forwards or is it back, I never know Logic and intelligence… Continue reading Poetry Corner: On Purpose


Poetry Corner: Isolation

The isolation of confusion, The solitary of truth Our dimly lit existence I don’t know how much time is left Every second is a moment of forever And yet it may be never   It feels like the rain It doesn’t feel like pain The numbness of persistence What matters doesn’t matter Could the lights… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Isolation

Poetry Corner: Kurt

When the curtain rises the smiles go on, The notes crescendo so it shows They never know the truth   Another venue, another broken heart A sold-out stadium pulls us all apart On and on, no-one ever thinks about the rising cost   A standing ovation and I grow weaker somehow The cheers are louder… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Kurt

Poetry Corner: When the Day is Done

When the day is done and the light go dim The noise and clatter turned to silent whispers And the breath of wind floats the stream of nevermore When the quiet patter follows the passing storm Or moon frowns on the empty road in the dark to see And wing fold only for the angels… Continue reading Poetry Corner: When the Day is Done

Poetry Corner: It’s Been a While

A long time ago, in this very place The age before my weary face When the scars were wounds, open and raw And I couldn’t stand the face I saw   When the whisky and tequila reigned down Every look at me was a disdainful frown And to nowhere I was headed fast Kicked, beaten,… Continue reading Poetry Corner: It’s Been a While

Poetry Corner: Pieces

What is left, what shattered pieces to find Are there any shards that remain Time has worn them away The pain of loss just feels the same I am grieving what never was, Grief over a fairy tale I pasted up Ripped into crumbling pieces My complicit delusion to obscure the void Of the time… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Pieces

Poetry Corner: Gigi

I look at your picture, your eyes mirror my soul They stare back and lay me bare I want to turn and run away from the siren song That inexorably drags me back deep into the same sea I feel the guilt of thoughts I was never supposed to have I feel the shame of… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Gigi

Dear Diary: Questions and Fears

Anxiety is crippling; not all the time, but at its very worst, it paralyses me completely. My mind fills with nothing but questions and big what if? dilemmas. The fears, are both rational and irrational, having had a paralysing hemiplegic migraine just 10 days ago I know that is always a possibility in everything I… Continue reading Dear Diary: Questions and Fears

Dear Diary: I wish

I wish I had a bag full of excuses. I wish I had my make-believe life where I had a reason to get up in the morning. I wish I didn't know what pain felt like. I wish numbness didn't hurt. I wish empty didn't ache like dry bones grinding inside. I wish I had… Continue reading Dear Diary: I wish

Poetry Corner: Piñata

You don’t not hear the laughing, It’s not like you don’t see them point A jester without a costume is still quite the joke   You know the truth, you know what’s real, It’s that you learn to pretend so you don’t have to feel, A delusion that it’s not you that’s the biggest joke… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Piñata