No More Excuses

I am not sure if it is laziness, perception, of a time and space measurable phenomena, but it feels like I have gone from documenting the phenomena of my lack of creativity to creatively moaning about it. So, when I haven’t been moaning about my lack of creativity and procrastinating effectively by writing, planning and… Continue reading No More Excuses


M.E. Procrastination and Failure

Some days I feel like I should be saying, in the obligatory UK Big Brother Voice-over Geordie Accent: “day 263 of my writers block and the blank page remains undefeated”. Or perhaps I could open in the Original Series Star Trek style “Captains Log, Star-Date 02-05-5520, still we remain in deep space, no significant features,… Continue reading M.E. Procrastination and Failure

Into the Lions Den

I am struggling creatively, I am not going to hide from that. Even simple technical practice has fallen by the wayside as my motivation has waned considerably in the last month. The clearing of my office and regeneration of my creative space did not ignite a single spark of inspiration, I was relieved, mostly, that… Continue reading Into the Lions Den

M.E. Myself and I

It would be easy to be deceptive and duplicitous and cite creative diversions as the reason it has been 6 days since my last post. Real life is somewhat less glamorous, with the primary reason being a kickback from my M.E. and hemiplegic migraines that meant I lost days. By lost, I am referring to… Continue reading M.E. Myself and I

Dear Diary: Changes

It is obvious that I have been changing things around the blog, in deference to Mr Dylan the times are indeed "a changin". However, and I do love a good subclause, changes recently have not been only of the blogging kind, although, that, for now, would be excitement enough. Well, perhaps that, and a new, to… Continue reading Dear Diary: Changes

Dear Diary: New Year’s Disillusion​

Last year I wrote at New Year about the new landscape, the knowledge of not knowing if my last breath was indeed my last and the debacle of the pulmonary embolism that wasn't. I read there a tone of optimism, a forward-looking idealism and upbeat tenor that has become somewhat inappropriate. The season, like the… Continue reading Dear Diary: New Year’s Disillusion​

Dear Diary: Questions and Fears

Anxiety is crippling; not all the time, but at its very worst, it paralyses me completely. My mind fills with nothing but questions and big what if? dilemmas. The fears, are both rational and irrational, having had a paralysing hemiplegic migraine just 10 days ago I know that is always a possibility in everything I… Continue reading Dear Diary: Questions and Fears

Poetry Corner: A Good Person

Don’t hurt the people around you, that’s what good people do, The pain was never meant to show, no one is ever to know,   Day by day you just stumble on, pretend nothing is wrong, Got nowhere to fall, you have got no one to call,   You are not alone, all you have… Continue reading Poetry Corner: A Good Person

Dear Diary: New Year: Not a New Me

I am not a big New Year’s resolution person, and throughout 2017 I have tried hard to resist the temptation to say my life was changed by my experiences as if it were some epiphany. Simply because it wasn’t. There was no epiphany, there was no radical change in the direction, philosophy or reorientation of… Continue reading Dear Diary: New Year: Not a New Me

Resus Reflections

This is one of those time where I could ramble on in great detail about what exactly happened on the 15th of December and the days that followed. A detailed chronology of the mistakes, the rise and fall of my fortunes as passed from doctor to doctor, corridor to cubicle, to corridor, to ward, discharge to home,… Continue reading Resus Reflections