Poetry Corner: Maiden Name

Odd how the emails come in your maiden name Like the old days so many years ago Of course, now it’s not the same Tears have passed and the toll of time Took us apart and closer to the grave   Without conscious choice, not by deliberate thought I am reminded of the age when… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Maiden Name


Thinking Out Loud: Falling Forward

I am still taking a break from things online; anaemia and a kidney infection have me feeling very sorry for myself, especially as the anaemia has me being checked out down the cancer care pathway. With bowel cancer killing my father and a genetic component to the variant he had, it is quite easy to… Continue reading Thinking Out Loud: Falling Forward

Dear Diary: 20th February 2017

Don't stroke the Mouse! Mouse was rushed into hospital last Tuesday with a suspected stroke. Nearly a week later all we can say for definite is that Thursday night his brain showed no sign of damage. 20 stroke like episodes later Mouse can barely move his left side or speak. His NHS experience is far… Continue reading Dear Diary: 20th February 2017

Monday Night Reflection: Logan

Apologies to those who haven’t seen the film, this will no doubt have a spoiler in it. This is not a film review, instead, Logan, like other fictional works became a mirror in which I could see myself more clearly. Great writing, great story telling, whatever the medium talks intimately to its audience, the very… Continue reading Monday Night Reflection: Logan

Thinking Out Loud: Monsters

The world of films is a misleading one, TV is not much better, even in true stories, we the audience are presented so much with a simple view. It is all neatly black and white, even when it is being presented as blur, we are in on the secret and the monster of the story… Continue reading Thinking Out Loud: Monsters

Poetry Corner: Regent

With heavy heart and weary soul My thoughts turned to that cliché I think of the people who will never know The truth that haunts me now The kind, the gentle and warm hearted Generous of all they gave I arrived rejected, bitter and weary Never accepted, never one and all You took me in… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Regent

Monday Night Reflection: Blog On

Every-so-often, I do look back at this Blog, read my squeeks and contemplate how things have changed. As the New Year approached I started to think about the future because material has been gradually accumulating, I even downloaded and printed out a blog planner, and started a blog ideas notebook just to help me on… Continue reading Monday Night Reflection: Blog On

Monday Night Reflection: Reflecting on Reflection

  The last week, aside from the Monday Night Reflection, was very much centred around both the discussion of prisons of the mind and the practical development that comes from recognising them. The thought from Elliot Wald was an expression of a deeper collective consciousness, perhaps due to new year introspection, that how we think… Continue reading Monday Night Reflection: Reflecting on Reflection

Poetry Corner: Open Letter

There is a bed for you in my house Always was and always will be You are my son, my boy I don’t know you like I once did Your mum made sure of that I’m sorry I don’t know so much What picture to put on your wall, Or duvet cover on your bed… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Open Letter

Poetry Corner: Sat Here Crying

  Sat here crying It wasn’t your place to say goodbye Not up to you to end it all You stole so much and you stole the end Took my pain passed it off as yours My broken bones you supposedly possess Talk of hurt you never felt only inflicted I am your picture in… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Sat Here Crying