No More Excuses

I am not sure if it is laziness, perception, of a time and space measurable phenomena, but it feels like I have gone from documenting the phenomena of my lack of creativity to creatively moaning about it. So, when I haven’t been moaning about my lack of creativity and procrastinating effectively by writing, planning and… Continue reading No More Excuses


Dear Diary: Proof of Something

If I am proof of anything it's hard work doesn't pay off, practice doesn't make perfect and what goes around doesn't come around. In reality, you have to be working hard on the right things in the right way, it has to be perfect practice, life isn't even remotely fair and the universe simply does… Continue reading Dear Diary: Proof of Something

Monday Night Reflection: Not Famous

I have tried to avoid deep introspection and life reassessment, it’s a bit cheesy, but I have been very low, and having discovered that on top of my existing medical journey I picked up a kidney infection (probably in my duplex kidney) I did manage to hit a very low and rather depressed point. Thing… Continue reading Monday Night Reflection: Not Famous

Dear Diary: 20th February 2017

Don't stroke the Mouse! Mouse was rushed into hospital last Tuesday with a suspected stroke. Nearly a week later all we can say for definite is that Thursday night his brain showed no sign of damage. 20 stroke like episodes later Mouse can barely move his left side or speak. His NHS experience is far… Continue reading Dear Diary: 20th February 2017

Monday Night Reflection: Trumped

Although a week is only seven days long, this last one has felt much longer. It started badly with no progress from meeting my Doctor, and then the new medication to help the pain turned out to not only have side effects in the common category that are worse than the pain, so I am… Continue reading Monday Night Reflection: Trumped

Monday Night Reflection: Blog On

Every-so-often, I do look back at this Blog, read my squeeks and contemplate how things have changed. As the New Year approached I started to think about the future because material has been gradually accumulating, I even downloaded and printed out a blog planner, and started a blog ideas notebook just to help me on… Continue reading Monday Night Reflection: Blog On

Poetry Corner: Life and Soul

Was I alive today? What can I say? Does breathing count? It’s rather paramount. I’m good at hiding, And crying!   What did I think? I made a drink? Nothing overcome, What have I done? Hours passed, A thankless task.   Failed at being me, No one to see. What did I bring? I can't… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Life and Soul

Thinking Out Loud: Not Working?

Am I not working anymore? I’ve been ill for 5 months, and without really paying it attention my paid employment stopped, I am no longer on volunteer rosters, my earnings and my contribution are gone. On the one hand, I have my new business venture, which has a small amount of money in the bank… Continue reading Thinking Out Loud: Not Working?

Poetry Corner: Screen

With you for hours upon end You see my darkest hours Watch my deepest thoughts Neither mock when I fail Nor cheer when I succeed That makes you my friend.  

Thinking Out Loud: Don’t give up the day job!

In my non-writing life, I took a little step today, I put my first item in the Etsy shop I created months ago. I would like to say I opened a business bank account and linked it all together enthusiastically, but I would be lying and I don’t lie here. The truth is I have… Continue reading Thinking Out Loud: Don’t give up the day job!