Dear Diary: Changes

It is obvious that I have been changing things around the blog, in deference to Mr Dylan the times are indeed "a changin". However, and I do love a good subclause, changes recently have not been only of the blogging kind, although, that, for now, would be excitement enough. Well, perhaps that, and a new, to… Continue reading Dear Diary: Changes


Poetry Corner: I Didn’t Ask for Yesteryear

I didn’t ask for yesteryear, the objects of the past they seem so near Perhaps when I look back they are simply further than they appear What is it I am clutching close, is it the rope of a hangman’s’ noose Not the indentured servant, nor cotton picking slave, but fattened goose When you wait… Continue reading Poetry Corner: I Didn’t Ask for Yesteryear

Poetry Corner: The Passing of Pitch and Toss

The ghosts of the past they don’t talk to me much anymore Futures lost don’t write me with possibilities that could have been Today, it forgets me, a candle with no need of wisdom, it soon shall flicker   Time moves on, I am an artefact of memory, no longer needed Friends like time, lost… Continue reading Poetry Corner: The Passing of Pitch and Toss

Poetry Corner: What Was Once A Chore

Doing not what was once a chore I look out over misty hills of nevermore The fire whines and cackles with no spell to cast Left behind the world that demanded anything fast   No longer privy to the world of push and shove Spectacular and glorious isolation I seek to love Beyond my grasp… Continue reading Poetry Corner: What Was Once A Chore

Poetry Corner: Charon Don’t Care

When the ferryman comes you better have the change in your hand There ain't no admittance to the poor man Old Charon don’t care about your demands and your old life is rapid is fading And the boat is leaving, leaving all your riches behind They ain’t saving your soul like you were saying And… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Charon Don’t Care

Poetry Corner: A Second Takes Forever

I’m lying here on the grass Just thinking of the time that’s past Wondering how to make hurt rhyme Taking up too much time And second feels like forever   But forever never comes inside my head Just like all the words I could have said That would never made a shred of difference It… Continue reading Poetry Corner: A Second Takes Forever

Poetry Corner: I Slipped …. Again

The scream, the wail The hammer, the nail The pain, the shame I slipped …. Again Promise.

Poetry Corner: Down by the River

I want to tell a story of a one-time happy boy Playing carefree by the river with his favourite toy Our picnic by the canal with cucumber sandwiches and joy I want to tell a story and describe the tartan rug And talk about a little rowing boat that nearly sunk   I want to… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Down by the River

Poetry Corner: When the Day is Done

When the day is done and the light go dim The noise and clatter turned to silent whispers And the breath of wind floats the stream of nevermore When the quiet patter follows the passing storm Or moon frowns on the empty road in the dark to see And wing fold only for the angels… Continue reading Poetry Corner: When the Day is Done

Poetry Corner: Jack’s Redemption

Sitting in the haze of a beer bottle buzz Stripper bar moonshine has lost it sting Got a little money to buy me some love Come on baby lets sing   Still in boots made for working Baby’s in heels aint made for walking That damn ass sure is talking A devils welcome I sure… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Jack’s Redemption