Consumption and Creativity

So I am sat here on a sunny Good Friday, Deadmou5 on, and suitably gluten free falafel and a can of cherryade on my desk and I stare around my office which has been cleared if not sorted (a couple of give-away crates)  and looks like a creative space and not a primary school war… Continue reading Consumption and Creativity


Dear Diary: Tuesdays and Thursdays

A lot has happened in the world, with family and friends in New Zealand I could be writing about the tragic shootings in Christchurch. I have been there one time, and even done freelance work for a shop that’s part of the local community in the city. I am not, because the world is flooded… Continue reading Dear Diary: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Poetry Corner: A Second Takes Forever

I’m lying here on the grass Just thinking of the time that’s past Wondering how to make hurt rhyme Taking up too much time And second feels like forever   But forever never comes inside my head Just like all the words I could have said That would never made a shred of difference It… Continue reading Poetry Corner: A Second Takes Forever

Poetry Corner: I Slipped …. Again

The scream, the wail The hammer, the nail The pain, the shame I slipped …. Again Promise.

Poetry Corner: It’s Been a While

A long time ago, in this very place The age before my weary face When the scars were wounds, open and raw And I couldn’t stand the face I saw   When the whisky and tequila reigned down Every look at me was a disdainful frown And to nowhere I was headed fast Kicked, beaten,… Continue reading Poetry Corner: It’s Been a While

Poetry Corner: Pieces

What is left, what shattered pieces to find Are there any shards that remain Time has worn them away The pain of loss just feels the same I am grieving what never was, Grief over a fairy tale I pasted up Ripped into crumbling pieces My complicit delusion to obscure the void Of the time… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Pieces

Poetry Corner: Gigi

I look at your picture, your eyes mirror my soul They stare back and lay me bare I want to turn and run away from the siren song That inexorably drags me back deep into the same sea I feel the guilt of thoughts I was never supposed to have I feel the shame of… Continue reading Poetry Corner: Gigi

Dear Diary: New Year: Not a New Me

I am not a big New Year’s resolution person, and throughout 2017 I have tried hard to resist the temptation to say my life was changed by my experiences as if it were some epiphany. Simply because it wasn’t. There was no epiphany, there was no radical change in the direction, philosophy or reorientation of… Continue reading Dear Diary: New Year: Not a New Me

Thinking Out Loud: Falling Forward

I am still taking a break from things online; anaemia and a kidney infection have me feeling very sorry for myself, especially as the anaemia has me being checked out down the cancer care pathway. With bowel cancer killing my father and a genetic component to the variant he had, it is quite easy to… Continue reading Thinking Out Loud: Falling Forward

Dear Diary: The Day After Blues

It's not really the day after, imagine it's Monday The weekend was the "weekend", Sunday was the "day". A year of work, 5 months of pure heartache and if anyone follows, I would guess you could call it heartache and real pain physical and mental have been my, and my family's companion through life. Probably… Continue reading Dear Diary: The Day After Blues